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Employment issues (tax)

Cars for employees

Employer provided cars are taxed by reference to the list price of the car but graduated according to the level of its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Employee expenses

This factsheet considers the operation and reporting of employee expenses and benefits.

Employer supported childcare

Childcare and employer provided childcare vouchers are very popular with both employers and employees alike.

Employment benefits

As a general rule unless the benefit can be converted into cash there is no taxable benefit. Where it is convertible into cash the taxable amount is the resale value.

Homeworking and tax relief

Working from home may be an attractive option for some employees. Here we consider the tax implications of homeworking arrangements.

National insurance

We highlight below the areas you need to consider and identify some of the potential problems. Please contact us for further specific advice.

Payroll – basic procedures

In order to set up a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme with HMRC it is necessary to contact the New Employer’s Helpline on 0300 200 3211 or register online via the GOV.UK website

Payroll Real Time Information

We set out below details of how payroll information has to be submitted to HMRC under Real Time Information (RTI).

Share ownership for employees

EMI allows options to be granted to employees which may allow the shares to be received without any tax bill arising until the shares are sold.

Travel and subsistence for Directors and employees

We highlight below the main areas to consider in deciding whether tax relief is available on travel and subsistence.

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