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Employment Matters

Age discrimination

Employers need to ensure they have the appropriate policies and procedures in place to deal with age discrimination and should raise awareness of it

Agency workers regulations

Under the Agency Workers Regulations workers supplied to a company (or to any other entity) by an agency become entitled to receive pay and basic working conditions .

Annual leave

Workers are entitled to paid annual leave. We consider their entitlement and some complications. If you are an employer in the Greater London area we, at Naail & Co.

Dismissal procedures

We highlight the main principles involved in the dismissal of employees including some common mistakes that employers make

Legal working in the UK

It is a criminal offence to employ anyone who does not have an entitlement to work in the UK. We provide an overview of the documentation required to ensure that your business does not fall foul of the law.

Managing absence

We consider the main principles of effective absence management. If you are an employer in the Greater London area we, at Naail & Co, can provide you with assistance or any additional information required.

National Minimum Wage

We highlight the main principles of the minimum wage regulations including the hourly pay rates together with the penalties for failure to comply.

Recruitment procedures

What are the main principles involved in the recruitment of employees? Our guidance should help you avoid mistakes, as well as ensure that your recruitment process improves and you take on better employees as well.

Recruitment procedures- seven

Seven sensible procedures are outlined below which should help you avoid mistakes. If you are an employer in the Greater London area we, at Naail & Co.

Redundancy procedures

There have been many changes to employment law and regulations in the last few years. A key area is the freedom or lack of freedom to make an individual redundant.

Statutory sick, maternity and paternity pay

An outline of an employer's obligations to pay statutory payments such as Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP)

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